Warning signs clear: the back of the Scotchgard label

Warning signs clear: the back of the Scotchgard label

Cardiovascular health hazard. May cause dizziness, drowsiness and damage to organs. Sounds like a warning for a deadly chemical used in factories right? But what if we told you these were the warnings on the back of Scotchgard, a popular fabric protection spray that's all too often used by the unaware. Read on to learn more about the potential health risks of Scotchgard and a safe alternative that actually performs better.


Clear the room: it's time to Scotchgard

An outside excursion is always fun but evacuating your home because its a health hazard is less than ideal. Negative attention surrounding some key ingredients of Scotchgard forced the producers of Scotchgard 3M to change the makeup of Scotchgard (Read about it here). This new and improved formula claims to be safe but the warnings remain the same. Keep pets and children away and apply in a well-ventilated room. Is Scotchgard safe for babies if you need a mask to apply it? 

The fear of fainting due to breathing around the product, combined with the risk of skin irritation has got us wondering if this ‘safe’ product is really worth it? We think it’s clear that an eco-friendly, safe alternative to Scotchgard is the way ahead when it comes to stain-proofing your life. 


Setting a better example: A safe alternative to Scotchgard 

With all the different symbols and fine print, it can be frustrating trying to ensure you purchase the safest product. We’ve made our protectME eco-friendly fabric spray a fine example of what to look out for when it comes to protecting your upholstery and home. protectME contains pure silicon dioxide, a natural substance. Using new advancements in nanotechnology, we are able to create a thin, breathable protector for all your fabrics. No need to evacuate the area after application, protectME is odourless! 
Stop risking your health and choose products that are breathable, water based and vegan friendly with no animal products or testing. Bonus points for a fully recyclable packaging. Compare the ingredient breakdown between protectME and other popular fabric sprays here and see for yourself that the non-toxic choice is the clear winner.
It's important to understand both the benefits and hazards of all the products you are bringing into your home. With protectME you can be confident you have made the safest choice, so you can enjoy more and worry less! Browse our full range of eco-friendly, child safe products here and feel confident you are protecting not only your fabrics, but your home as well.
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