Upholstered dining chairs: The solution to keeping them stain free

Upholstered dining chairs: The solution to keeping them stain free

Upholstered dining chairs: The solution to keeping them stain free

We all fancy ourselves a bit of a Nigella when it comes to hosting dinner parties. You’ve nailed the perfect table setting and slaved over the perfect menu, but a good night of food and wine often leads to a not so good morning researching stain removal tricks. Don’t let this be your Sunday ritual. Protecting your upholstered dining chairs, pre-party, is the easiest way to ensure a stain free home, let us show you how. 


How to keep upholstered dining chairs clean: the cover it up approach

Not all fabric chair protectors are created equal. Traditional (i.e. very retro) upholstery protection involves a plastic slip cover for your chairs to wear. These little furniture jackets, while effective at combating stains, outshine your carefully styled fabrics. At around $15 a piece it will cost upwards of $90 to dress up an entire dining set like tourists in rain ponchos.  Unless this is the desired theme for your special evening, we bet the idea of this crinkly plastic is making your cringe. Us too, so we got you covered with a solution to keep your home decor on point and your money in your wallet. 

How to protect upholstered dining chairs: the plastic free alternative

Complete stain protection of your fabrics is as easy as going over your furniture with a dining chair fabric protector spray. There are loads of different brands available so it’s important you choose the right product for the job. Traditional store bought fabric sprays can actually do more harm than good. Often filled with toxic chemicals such as PFAs, these products can leave a lingering smell and be harmful to your families health. If you are unsure about which ingredients are best avoided, take a quick look here.

Dining chair fabric protector, the non-toxic way

Thanks to nano technology we can now offer a fabric protection that unlike plastic slips is completely undetectable. protectME is eco and vegan friendly. We’ve left out all the toxic chemicals so your dining chair fabric covers will look and feel the same post protection.  Dining chair fabric cleaner isn’t just a concern for the single and social. A life with children and pets can also be a messy one. protectME upholstered dining chair protector helps not only to stain proof your home during special celebrations but also from day to day spills. Non-toxic and odour free, protectME is completely harmless to all your loved ones (furry friends included).  Instead of hiding your fabulous fabrics under plastic covers, keep your home decor on trend and stain free by protecting with protectME. Want to know more about the benefits of protecting your household fabrics? Head over to our blog for other great articles on stain proofing your life!
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