Replace your Scotchgard products with one — 3 reasons why

Replace your Scotchgard products with one — 3 reasons why

A dozen different bottles of a dozen different products cluttering up your cupboards, shopping trolley, not to mention clouding the air in your home? Having an array of options is great when it comes to choosing a restaurant for dinner but when it comes to fabric protection, less is definitely best. Read our top three reasons to swap all those Scotchgard products for a single eco-friendly fabric spray.


#1: Declutter your cupboards

Scotchgard rug protector, Scotchgard carpet protector, Scotchgard upholstery spray; the shopping list goes on. But all these different products (and all that plastic) clutter up your cupboards and cause you frustration. Before you denounce fabric protection for good, look for a product that does the job of many. protectME eco-friendly stain guard is safe to use on different surfaces in your home. Carpet, rugs, couches, clothes, all shielded from stains with a single application of protectME. One product from one supplier, protectME stain guard brings an ease to fabric protection.


#2: Save you money

A smaller shopping list means a smaller bill. Possibly the best reason to downsize your cleaning cupboard is that purchasing a single product will be easier on your budget. Bonus points for making it possible for a single trip up from the car with your shopping bags! If you’re setting up a new home or just have a lot of clothes, shoes or upholstery you want to get stain proof, we recommend purchasing the protectME larger savings pack. Forget about having to repurchase and re-apply after every wash. protectME stain protection spray last up to 30 washes or 3 years (depending on use).


#3: One product, one label — know what you're applying every time. 

With all the attention surrounding whether Scotchgard is really safe, we think it’s best you know exactly what you are applying, every time. We’ve taken the hassle of reading all the fine print for you and created a single eco-friendly, vegan, fully recyclable product that still outperforms traditional fabric protectors. protectME is one product you can feel confident that what you’re spraying won’t cause harm to your family or your furnishings.

Enjoy clearer cupboards, a happier wallet and peace of mind by replacing your army of Scotchgard products with a single protectME non-toxic fabric spray. Interested in learning more about sustainable fabric protection? Follow us on Instagram for more great tips

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