Outdoor fabric protection: Keep your furniture looking newer for longer

Outdoor fabric protection: Keep your furniture looking newer for longer

They say real beauty is on the inside, but why shouldn’t the outside receive a little love as well? Outdoor fabric protection is the easiest way to keep your outdoor areas looking sharp.  Don’t be put off by thoughts of long Sundays, spent painstakingly applying product after product. An eco-friendly water-resistant spray is all you need to bring stain proof confidence to your outdoor living. Enjoy more, worry less — that’s our motto!  


Protecting all your outdoor fabrics

You’ve spent a great deal of time and money furnishing and styling your outdoor area, and you want to enjoy it without compromising your lifestyle. Whether it be cuddling with your dogs on the outdoor couch, wine with the girls on Friday, lunch with your inlaws on Sunday, or muddy children’s feet; you shouldn’t let stains (or the fear of a potential stain) get in the way of enjoying the time spent in your outdoor areas.
Our water-resistant outdoor fabric spray protects just about any fabric items, including:  
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Umbrellas  
  • Outdoor couches and chairs  
  • Table cloths  
  • Day beds
… and more!


DIY protection vs pre-protected fabrics

It can be tempting to purchase pre-protected outdoor upholstery. We get it: it’s easy and convenient right? Not so much. Pre-protected fabrics are usually coated in highly toxic, synthetic chemicals, or PFAs, which are harmful to your health and the planet.

Keep your outdoor furniture fresh and stain free season after season by choosing an easy to apply, eco-friendly upholstery protector.

protectME multi job pack is perfect for treating large and/or multiple surfaces. Our non-toxic fabric protection spray lasts up to 3 years (depending on traffic and use) and it also machine washable (up to 30 washes). So just sit back and relax, cup of coffee in hand, for the rest of your Sundays to come!   


SPF – For your skin, not your fabrics.  

Weekends at the beach call for use of a good SPF, but your outdoor fabrics do not.  Prolonged exposure to the sun will create a chemical reaction of the dye in the fabric, causing fading and the eventual breakdown of your material. Fabric sprays marketed as “UV resistant” claim to be the answer to all outdoor woes; stain and colour fade-proof. But just like a cheap sunscreen, these are full of unnecessary chemicals and can change the look and feel of your upholstery, leaving a waxy finish. Not ideal.  

protectME is a UV stable (not resistant) outdoor fabric protection spray. Give your furnishing a protective water-resistant coating that repels stains, without the harmful chemicals. This will leave you with an unchanged texture and longer lasting material.

Worried about the bold prints on your water-resistant outdoor cushions fading away? We suggest storing your fabrics in a shaded area for longer periods of non-use to prevent fading.  

Our eco-friendly, outdoor fabric protector is also temperature stable. How ever long and hot the summer, we’ve got you covered. Accidentally spilled your frozen margarita, or dropped some dip on your outdoor couch? No problem. Once sprayed with our canvas water-resistant spray, spills wipe straight off, so you can worry less about the cleanup and enjoy the company of your guests.  

protectME ensures you can entertain outdoors without the worry of stains or spills. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest tips on living a stain-free life!

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