Nano water-resistant spray - how does it work

Nano water-resistant spray - how does it work

Nano fabric protection

Nano water-resistant sprays: you've heard of them, but you're not sure what exactly they do, or how they do it? Read on!

'Nano' stands for nanotechnology and these sprays, like the protectME range, are the future of fabric protection. More efficient than mainstream fabric protection sprays like Scotchgard, they are also more eco friendly: better for your health and for the planet.


Nanotechnology water repellent spray: how does it work?

Nanotechnology is the science, engineering and manipulation of matter at the nanometre level (billionths of a metre). Nanotechnology has made it possible to create extremely tiny structures and new materials capable of solving specific needs, one of which is providing nanoparticle protection. Nanotechnology is an evolving 21st century technology that will change all our lives in the future. Working at microscopic levels, the range of possibilities are endless, whether it be the treatment of disease, environmental cleansing, health or accident prevention, sports performance and security to name a few. Many nanotechnology products and applications are already in use. Nanotechnology coating sprays surpass today’s standards in mainstream fabric guards as they have nanometric qualities that repel any liquid, dust or dirt, protecting textiles from dirt and stains.  Time, money and cleaning costs can be minimised and nanotechnology applications will make certain fabric protection products and methods obsolete in the future. The best part? Nanotechnology’s properties are found in nature and therefore are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe to use around humans and animals.


Why nanotechnology water-resistant sprays are better than mainstream fabric guards


 1. Higher level of coverage

Due to the nano composition of this technology, the nanopolymers when combined with the natural product of silicon dioxide creates a special nano coating spray. When the coating is sprayed on to surfaces the material is rendered hydrophobic and oleophobic; that is, it repels both liquids and contaminants. These include water, oils, other liquids, dirt, dust and stains reducing food sources for bacterial and fungal growth. 


2. More cost-effective

Compared to competitor products that have been around for years, protectME Textiles’ nano-technological coatings offer greater coverage per m2 at a more affordable price. They also last longer as they are abrasion resistant and UV stable so less repeat applications are required.


3. Environmentally friendly

Not only will you be saving money long-term but you’ll also reduce your ecological footprint by using an eco friendly fabric protector such as protectME Textiles.  With protectME Textile application, you will be reducing the number of chemicals commonly found in household cleaners that can harm the environment, often cause health issues and sometimes cause further damage to fabrics and furnishings with their use.


4. Less maintenance & no cleaning

Reducing replacement & maintenance costs are easy when you’ve protected your items from stains and damage, using a nano water-resistant spray. Whether it be saving on everyday cleaning products for carpets, clothes, dry cleaning, shoes, indoor & outdoor fabrics or having to pay for re-upholstery, new furniture or clothes to name a few, protectME Textiles will pay for itself in no time!


5. Long-term results

Due to the nature of the nanostructure found in protectME Textiles, fabrics & materials with the nano coating spray applied preserve their composition, are more resistant to abrasion & exposure to UV rays and have superior durability for 2 years or more depending on use.


6. DIY application

Our nano water-resistant spray is ready to use and can be applied by yourself in the comfort of your home. No need to evacuate the premises as with traditional stainproofing products. protectME Textiles is odourless and is safe to use around humans and pets. Better yet, protectME Textiles will not change the look, feel and smell of your items. Items will cure between 12-24 hours depending on temperature.

You can find more information on how to use our fabric protection spray or what items to use it on on our website and our blog. Follow us on social media for more regular updates !

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