Mould on carpets and how to avoid it

Mould on carpets and how to avoid it

Mould is stubborn. Once it’s in your home, it never wants to leave. No matter how many times you send it on its way, it reappears, ready to take over once again. Instead of learning to live with the unwanted visitor, it’s best to refuse its entry in the first place!

Mould is sneaky. While moisture is no doubt the perfect breeding ground, recent studies (sources here and here) have suggested that dirt is the number one reason for mould on household carpets. Dirt combined with humidity is a recipe for disaster. Moist carpet doesn’t always show its dampness, and the moisture can be trapped below the surface. In other words, mould can appear on carpets and rugs without any major exposure to water or other liquids.  

But fear not, mould is stoppable! When it comes to mould on carpets in your home, preventative measures are the most successful. Follow these 3 simple steps to avoid the musty odour, discolouration and the constant combat to remove mould from your carpet!


1. Increase airflow

We all know how the humidity can cause us to sweat, and it can have a similar effect in our homes. If you live in a part of Australia that regularly experiences humidity above 65%, it’s a good idea to increase the airflow in your home. You can do so by opening windows and turning on fans, or you can install a portable dehumidifier.

If your carpet appears to be damp, you can lift the moisture by using bicarb soda. Simply sprinkle some of the natural cleaner onto the carpet, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, then vacuum the carpet as you would regularly.  

mould on carpet how to remove


2. Clean your carpet regularly

Given that dirt has been identified as a leading cause of mould, a quick weekly vacuum can go a long way. Use a non toxic, natural carpet cleaner to spot clean when necessary, and consider giving your carpet a steam clean several times throughout the year.

Mould is renown for living beneath furniture or in dark corners, so be sure to hit every nook and cranny when cleaning.


3. Use a non-toxic carpet protector

Everyday dirt and spills are unavoidable in most homes, so protecting your carpet is crucial for its longevity. A non-toxic fabric protector for your carpet will repel and protect it from dirt and liquids. Our water-based formula is safe to use in your home, and you won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals. The best time to apply carpet protector is once you’ve completed a routine clean of your carpeted surfaces and removed existing stains. You’re then set to spray! For more details on using a protectant, take a look at our ‘how to guide’ here.

Rather than being faced with the challenge of removing mould from your carpet, follow these guidelines to keep it mould-free, looking clean and smelling fresh for life.

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