How to keep your suede shoes looking new for longer

How to keep your suede shoes looking new for longer

Wanting to get your hands on a pair of suede shoes but wondering if the high-maintenance fabric is worth the bother? It sure is. Made from the fuzzy underside of a leather hide, suede’s luxurious feel and beautiful finish make this a popular material for shoes and clothing (sorry vegan friends). Just like leather, suede doesn’t love mud or water, but the weather shouldn’t dictate your style. With the right suede protector spray you can protect your suedes and keep them looking great for seasons to come. 


Suede shoe spray for sharp looking suede

Rain, snow, dew: water is the enemy of suede, so the best suede shoe protector spray is a waterproofing one. Defend your shoes from the elements with just 4 simple steps!
  • If your shoes aren't straight out of the box then give them a gentle clean.  A damp towel and a soft toothbrush for any stubborn marks are perfect for the job. 
  • Waterproofing time! protectME suede shoe protector spray is easy to apply. Using a back and forth motion, spray your shoes evenly until they’re entirely covered. 
  • Your newly coated shoes now need 12 hours to cure, so if you’re excited to wearing them to a big event then it’s best to plan ahead.
  • Test the end result with a small spray of water onto the shoe. If small droplets appear on the surface then your shoes are ready to be laced up and taken out on the town. Not happy with the first coating? Simply repeat the above steps.

We don’t recommend wearing your suede shoes out when it’s bucketing rain, but a light drizzle no longer requires a wardrobe change. Plus protectME suede protector spray lasts up to 3 years so you can be worry free for event after event to come. Just be sure to store your shoes in a dry shaded area once you get home. 


Suede protector spray for your entire collection

There is no doubt that suede makes a statement on your feet, but what about the rest of your outfit? Buttery soft suede skirts, brushed suede jackets and beautiful suede handbags are some of fashion’s finest and you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase. Once you’ve bought your new goodies home, follow the above steps to spill and stain proof your suede items. This way you won’t feel the tightening of your chest as a falling glass of wine threatens to destroy your new fav suede jacket. Simply brush the liquid off with a clean cloth!
Suede is a luxury fabric that makes a great feature in any home. Whether you have children, pets or a busy social life, protectME suede protector spray is the easiest way to protect your couches and cushions. Read here to find out how! 
Ready to jump on the suede trend? Give yourself the freedom to invest in quality products by extending their life span with protectME. Explore the full range of protectME products and start protecting your fabrics now.
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