2019 is here! This year, alongside your personal growth, we’re encouraging some resolutions geared towards helping our beautiful planet. What can you do this year to live a little simpler and be more environmentally aware, all the while positively impacting the Earth? We’ve got five tips to send you on your way to eco-warrior status in 2019.


1. Switch to non toxic household products

It’s time to get serious when it comes to the products you’re using in your home. Make this the year you ditch the chemicals in your home for good! Inspect the labels and look for any toxic, harmful ingredients (like the ones in mainstream fabric protectors). If you’re unsure about how to decipher labels, use apps like Think Dirty that will help you distinguish friend from foe.

Opt for eco-friendly fabric protectors and try some DIY cleaners and detergents. Vinegar, citrus, essential oils and bicarb soda are key ingredients in DIY cleaning. Explore your pantry shelves – you likely already own most of these! We’ve made protecting the fabrics in your home simple with our natural fabric protector, PFAs free and eco-friendly.

Kicking the chemicals out of your home will keep the air fresh, the environment happy, and most importantly, it will keep your family healthy.

2. Choose natural materials and fibres for your home

Embrace the latest design trends and strip your home back to basics! Opt for natural materials and fibres for furnishings and décor, and ditch paper towels for natural, reusable cleaning cloths. The textiles industry is a serious detriment to our planet, and more than half of the fabrics around our homes are chemically manufactured fibres that can’t be naturally broken down or recycled. Your rug, couch, blanket or favourite t-shirt may not have a place in your home for life, but they do have a permanent place on the planet. Try to avoid acrylics, nylon and polyester, which are petroleum or chemically based.

use natural fibres and materials

The best, low impact fabrics to keep on your radar are jute, organic cotton, hemp and wool. They can all be protected from stains and wear and tear using our water based fabric protector, so you don’t have to worry about your investment in these higher quality fabrics going to waste.  

Investing in quality, natural fibres will create a calming atmosphere in your home. Making these smart choices will improve your impact on the world, whether it’s in advocacy of environmental responsibility, animal welfare, sustainability or social justice.

3. Consume less

The designer who first infamously quoted ‘less is more’, was seriously on to something! Decorating your home with a simple approach can help to reduce stress and significantly decrease your impact on the planet. You’ll have less to worry about and more time to spend on appreciating the few, but fine things you have. When making purchases in 2019, try and adopt the ‘one in, one out’ approach and recycle or donate the items you’re replacing. This will help you to decipher between your wants and your legitimate needs.

Consume less, but consume quality!

4. Be smart with your household waste

2019 is the year we will continue in our attempts to reduce household waste, however it’s also beneficial to focus on how we can improve our current waste disposal. Separate recyclables into plastics, glass, tins, cardboards and paper, and start a compost. Compost reduces the need for chemical fertilisers by enriching the soil and producing beneficial bacteria.

Set up compost and recycle stations in your home and give your family the lowdown on what goes where. Or, you can get the kids involved and create some DIY signage.

5. Buy local

Do your best to support local farmers, designers and businesses when making purchases this year. Look for fruit and vegetables at local markets, or better still, grow your own! Locally sourced food is less likely to contain chemicals or preservatives, and it’s far more likely to be fresh! It pays to be an inquisitive consumer, and ignorance is not bliss when it comes to what we use in our homes and what we put in our bodies. Know where your products come from and what they’re made of!

Contribute to the life and success of your community and encourage a more self-sufficient way of life.

Together we can make an impact and set a positive example for the rest to follow! Think less, think local and think long term. Set your intentions for the new year, and watch your life move in an eco-friendlier direction!

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